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Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants (Captain Underpants, #4) 
Year: 2001 
ISBN: 439998190 
Series: Captain Underpants 
Call No: F PIL 
The Predator (Animorphs, #5) 
Year: 1996 
ISBN: 590629816 
Series: Animorphs 
Call No: F APP 
Holes (Holes, #1) 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 439244196 
Series: Holes 
Call No: F SAC 
The Missing Pony Pal (Pony Pals, #16) 
Year: 1997 
ISBN: 590374591 
Series: Pony Pals 
Call No: F BET 
Graduation Day (The Girls Of Canby Hall, #17) 
Year: 1986 
ISBN: 590401912 
Series: The Girls Of Canby Hall 
Call No: F CHA 
Amber Brown Is Feeling Blue 
Year: 1999 
ISBN: 439071682 
Series: Amber Brown 
Call No: F DAN 
The Case of the Exploding Plumbing and Other Mysteries (Encyclopedia Brown) 
Year: 1974 
ISBN: 590014129 
Series: Encyclopedia Brown 
Call No: F SOB 
Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Junior Novelization) 
Edition: Some Pages Turned, Cover Worn 
Year: 2002 
ISBN: 0439139287 
ISBN 13: 9780439139281 
Do The Funky Pickle 
Year: 1992 
ISBN: 059045448X 
Call No: F SPI 
Who Ran My Underwear up the Flagpole? 
Year: 1992 
ISBN: 590462784 
Call No: F SPI