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  Title Copies
Class Dismissed 
Year: 2017 
ISBN: 0545915988 
ISBN 13: 9780545915984 
The Hardy Boys 50 # Danger Vampire Trail 
Year: 2017 
ISBN: 0448089505 
ISBN 13: 9780448089508 
The Extreme (Animorphs, #25) 
ISBN: 439051185 
Series: Animorphs 
Call No: F APP 
The Secret Garden 
Series: Classics 
Call No: F CAR 
Voyage of Fear (Bionicle Adventures, #5) 
Year: 2004 
ISBN: 439680220 
Series: Bionicle Adventures 
Call No: F FAR 
Sly Cooper: To Catch a Thief 
Year: 2006 
ISBN: 439829453 
Call No: F STE 
I'm Not a Supermouse (Geronimo Stilton, #43) 
Year: 2013 
ISBN: 545103754 
Series: Geronimo Stilton 
Call No: F STI 
Frightful's Mountain (My Side Of The Mountain, #3) 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 439238595 
Series: My Side Of The Mountain 
Call No: F GEO 
The Book Report from the Black Lagoon 
Year: 2010 
ISBN: 545290465 
Series: The Black Lagoon 
Call No: F THA 
What Are Friends For? (Friendship Ring, #4) 
Year: 1999 
ISBN: 590374540 
Series: Friendship Ring 
Call No: F VAI